IBIS -Velcro(VWR)

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|NOTE: All boots will come with steel toe protection|





  • 12 inches tall
  • Velcro Fastened
  • Light reflector at heel side
  • Ankle protection
  • Shock absorption near the seat region (ie. heel side)
  • Steel toe protection
  • Highest grade abrasion & water resistant leather
  • Smooth leather finish including tongue area
  • Well designed flex points makes walking comfortable
  • High degree anti slip sole
  • Ultra – comfy bounce back foam in-socks (anti-fungal)
  • Shin protection


  • 12 inches tall
  • Combat boot styling
  • Velcro fastened
  • Smooth leather finish
  • Leather tongue
  • Light weight PU Sole
  • Highest grade abrasion resistant leather (removes necessity for a toe slider)


  • Riding boot upper made of water-resistant and breathable leather and fabrics.
  • Anti-fungal latex In-socks – to keep feet cool & dry on long rides.
  • Well designed flex point makes it comfortable to walk & provides support to feet at odd positions.


  • Reflector material attached on the rear side to enhance visibility in dim/dark areas.
  • EVA plate on the shin to protect from impact against loose, flying objects.
  • Thick leather coated around the ankle for impact and torsion resistance.
  • Steel toe protection against injuries caused by heavy/hard object impact or vehicle run-over.
  • Anti-slip sole which minimizes chances of injuries in slippery areas.
  • Shock absorption on the seat region (ie. heel side)


  • Touring


  • This is the motorycling rider boot you need if you are on the road for several hours at a stretch. With your trouser ends tucked into the boot-neck you will be safe from hazards like flying grit, hot sand or pebbles. With the standard water resistant version, water from mountain streams or puddles will simply run off the exterior of the rider boot without wetting your feet inside. This is a 12” high rider boot fitted with a light reflector shin and ankle guard at the heel side for added safety.

10 reviews for IBIS -Velcro(VWR)

  1. Utkarsh Chaurasia

    These boots ensures overall safety of feet and shin also at the same time it slays with the looks department

  2. Syed Wasim

    These boots serve both the purposes of safety as well as looks. One can use it as casual wear also. Fit and finish is top notch. Recommended for all.

  3. Saikat Sarkar

    Awesome boots…for safety purpose..and also motor cycle riding safety

  4. Imosanen Jamir (verified owner)

    The boots are much lighter than expected.Very comfy and well made.Quite tough as well.It will be perfect for long rides.VFM.

  5. Rishab Bhaskar (verified owner)

    Had ordered this a month back. Not completely waterproof. Lets some water in, specifically where the stitching meets near the toe. The heel counter is flimsy, but won’t pick on it since I wouldn’t expect any better at 5000 INR. For people on a budget, this is a great option. If you have the leeway to get away with much more (min 2x the price of this), please do. You’d be getting much more for your money. Nevertheless, I’d say a great boot for the price. If you are still reading this and want to buy these, please get a size smaller, mine is a bit big (heel keeps slipping). Didn’t return the ones I have, since I had already taken them out for a ride.

  6. Cdr Vikrant Singh

    First of all hats off to ORAZO, the shoes were just amazing and saved self and whole team of riders on ample number of occasions. We had a ride of approximately 23 days. Saw thru everything from cold chilled rains to waterfall to dust to slush to knee deep water/river crossing and trust u me it took all. And I mean all. It didn’t budge it didn’t break it didn’t let me down and best part kept me warm and safe. Everytime o wore it I was more than comfortable… O was SAFE.. my walks my ride my push to other riders stuck in slush it took all and ensure the grip on my leg. Not even once I slipped or twisted ankle… I walked on the edge of the hill which was being cut for paving roads and it took that too… One hell of a shoe with good looks and awesome muscle. MUST HAVE for all riders….

  7. Amandeep Singh (verified owner)

    Amazing Comfortable & Waterproof really great product

  8. Anup Siddesh HA (verified owner)

    The boots reached me in 4 working days. The quality is excellent and the comfort is next level you don’t feel like you are wearing riding boots. It will take 100 kms of riding to get used to after that you feel like you’re wearing sports shoes so comfortable yet so safe.

  9. Arjun

    Very impressed with the first couple or rides I had. I have previously used Zeus, Gaerne and Shima boots. Gaerne and Shima cost 3x and 2x the price but they peeled quite quickly (Shima peeled in 7 months). I think these are good and will last me long. Best part, it is made in our country. Jai Hind.

  10. Louis Basumatary

    Well, this is good riding boots and protects your feet from stones, mud, water and other small falls. I ordered it in 2018 and wearing it till today. It teared near the sole but, it lasted me this much.. 5000/- what else do you need

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