How to Choose your Riding Boots?

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Buying motorcycle riding gear is like taking out an insurance policy. You always want to have it, but hope you never need it. Riding a motorcycle is inherently high risk. Skirting that risk is what we love, but at the same time, we try to minimise this risk.

Over the decades motorcycle technology has improved vastly. Not just in terms of performance, but also in terms of safety. Motorcycle riding gear has kept pace with this development to keep the rider safe.

Riding gear is made up of a helmet, armoured jacket & pants, gloves, and bike boots. Riders will almost always be donning a helmet, but can be somewhat careless in terms of footwear. Often, you will see riders in sneakers, as they snake their way through traffic.

Before we delve into choosing your riding boots, let us first see why we need the best riding boots in the first place!

How to Choose your Riding Boots
Different riders have different needs. Some like to splash more than others!

How Do Boots Help?

We need to rewind a bit to the time humans were hunter-gathers roaming the plains of the earth on foot.


Somewhere along the course of history, one (or more!) human thought it would be a good idea to cover the foot from the elements and along came footwear. Humans then had some kind of protection from cuts, bruises, heat and cold. And this continued for millennia. We didn’t need to change the status quo, as the lifestyle remained constant.

On foot, the human anatomy was designed to survive at speeds of 20 kmph or so. Fast forward to the industrial revolution and we invented cars and bikes which went significantly faster. All premium Indian bikes today easily cross the triple digit mark.

Simply put, the human body isn’t built to cope with such speeds.

Motorcycling boots play a dual role. Unlike helmets which are built for safety and comfort only. Boots factor in these two qualities and need to be have sufficient mobility and dexterity. Motorcyclists are constantly using their feet to change gears and operate the rear brake lever. We need the ease of operation, without sacrificing protection.

Investing in the best riding boots in India is highly recommended if you plan to ride for many years.

How to Choose your Riding Boots?  

Boots, like motorcycles, vary drastically. Your choice of motorcycle varies, depending on whether you want to spend more time on track, in the dirt, commuting or touring. Your choice of men’s riding boots varies accordingly.

Commuters look for boots which are comfortable and blend in with regular office and leisure clothes. Speeds are expected to be relatively slower, as such safety is not your only priority. Ease of use and comfort are high up there on your list as well.

For tourers looking to spend long hours in the saddle, you need comfort, ventilation, protection and ease of walking. Being waterproof is an added bonus for tourers as they traverse a variety of terrains and weather conditions.

Off-road riders need extreme protection as hyper-extension of the foot is a frequent reality. On the other hand, these over-engineered boots are a pain to walk in and look outlandish for regular use.

Track boots are sleek, lightweight, offer a lot of protection and are stiff. Similar to dirt riding boots, it is a pain to walk in boots built for track use.

You need to choose a boot which is closest to your riding style. For the majority of motorcyclists in India, your riding is primarily commuting and touring. Orazo’s range of men’s riding boots are perfect for such use. These boots are comfortable, hidden in plain sight and offer abundant protection to the rider.

Motorcycling boots for commuting
Even while commuting within city limits, it is prudent to keep your feet safe…

Elements to Check when Buying Riding Boots in India

A motorcycling boot is made up of multiple elements.Before you make a purchase, it is prudent to check what the boots offer.


The sole of a boot is possibly the most important ingredient. Depending on your riding usage, it needs to be more flexible for walking or less flexible for additional safety. Soles can add considerable weight to the boot, so lightweight soles made of PU are desirable. Anti-skid soles are a good addition. Walking on wet surfaces becomes easier and there is less chance of your foot slipping off the pegs of your motorcycle. Orazo Boots are equipped with class leading soles in terms of grip and weight.


Always check the specifications to see where the boot has protective inserts. Generally, the ankle and toe region get additional protection. Orazo boots offer ample protection in the toe and ankle area.


A motorcycling boot like any other shoe is useful only if it fits you well. A boot which works perfectly for your friend, might not be great for you. Sizing of different brands varies, as well as shape. Some brands work better for people with broad feet and other brands work better for people with narrow feet.

Fastening Mechanism

Boots can be fastened by laces, zippers, Velcro or twist knobs. Laced boots are the least desirable, because these can open at any time and get entangled in moving parts of your motorcycle. The other mechanisms of fastening depend on the price range you are looking at.

Orazo uses Velcro as a secure means of fastening your boot.


Last and surely not the least is ‘feel’. Some boots might seem perfect when you read the specifications, but don’t work out in real life. Other boots feel perfect the moment you slip your foot in. That being said, getting the correct feel comes with experience. If this is the first time you are buying motorcycling boots, it will feel different to regular shoes. You need to give yourself time to get adjusted to men’s riding boots.

Buy Now!

If you don’t own a pair of motorcycling boots, then start saving up and get yourself a pair. Your feet will thank you.

Keep these points in mind about usage and boot construction, and you should be able to choose your riding boots in India with accuracy.

How to Choose your Riding Boots
Get yourself your preferred pair of Orazo Boots

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