Importance of Riding Gears for Bike Rides

Most new motorcyclists wonder, what is the importance of riding gears for bike rides? Read on to know the benefits of riding gears…

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Over the last decade and a half, we have seen motorcycling as a lifestyle explode in India. In this time period, we have seen an increase in disposable income for the youth of the country. This has resulted in growing overall motorcycle sales.

This growth has been most visible in the premium motorcycle segment, as now there are many more options available. Significantly more powerful bikes are available for consumers with increased purchasing power.

What does this translate into? With improved road conditions as well, it means there are now younger motorcyclists with powerful bikes and better roads to ride on. All that’s good right? Yes, except that the mentality and driving ethics of most road users has not kept pace.

Traffic sense is what it used to be, just at higher speeds.

The number of road fatalities of two-wheelers has doubled in the last decade. As per government data, there are now 6 motorcycle fatalities every hour on Indian roads. These numbers are mind boggling. Two-wheeler deaths make up for more than a third of total road fatalities.

The statistics clearly show that overall traffic conditions are actually worsening on Indian highways. The risk involved will, of course, not stop us motorcyclists from chasing our passion.

Fortunately, we now have a variety of bike riding gears to choose from in India. Be it helmets, jackets, gloves or boots, we have products from different brands and price ranges.

But why exactly do we need riding gears?

Importance of Riding Gears for Bike Rides
Riding Gear helps reduce the risk of injury in case of a crash

Importance of Riding Gears for Bike Rides

Here are a bunch of reasons why safety riding accessories are essential for your motorcycle ride:

Crash Protection

The most obvious reason and also the most important. Bike riding gears reduce the risk of injury considerably in case of a crash. As per a World Health Organisation report, helmets can reduce head injury by 69%. Riding boots, jacket, gloves and pants also protect your body, when you hit the ground.

Abrasion Resistance

As kids, we all fell while running, jumping and playing. Remember the skin peeling off in those falls? Now imagine the damage that happens when the speed increases 10-fold. That isn’t something which any rider should experience.

Bike riding gears are made of materials which are abrasion and tear resistant. You are significantly safer from road rash when wearing proper riding gear.

Better Grip with Boots and Gloves

The importance of riding gears for bike rides is experienced not only when you crash. Even regular riding will show up its positives. Good motorcycling boots have much better grip than shoes not built for the purpose. Better grip results in increased control of the motorcycle. Same is the case with gloves.

Increased Visibility

Motorcycle gear is designed keeping in mind that the rider is a tiny object on fast moving highways. Most bike riding gear will have reflectors for increased visibility.

All Orazo Boots have inbuilt reflectors to increase visibility and safety.

Orazo Boots with Reflectors
Reflectors help increase visibility, thus safety

Protection from Sun, Wind and Rain

Safety riding accessories are useful not just for keeping you safe in the event of a crash. 

Riding gear is also useful to keep you safe from the weather. Your body is protected from the wind which you experience at high speed. Since you are covered in entirety, you are also safe from the harsh rays of the sun in summer. Most riding gear is either waterproof, water-resistant or at least has a rain liner, which saves you in case of a downpour.

You can check out Waterproof Orazo Boots to stay dry in the rains. Read Why Waterproof Riding Boots Are Useful.

Essential Safety Gear

If you are heading out for a ride, then this is the bare minimum riding gears, that you should have.


Undoubtedly the most important amongst all the riding gear. Never ride without a helmet. Even if you think it is going to be a short urban ride. The importance of this element of riding gear cannot be stressed enough.


Your feet are relatively delicate and need adequate protection. Good riding boots not just offer protection in case of a crash, but also assist with better control and operation of your motorcycle.

Read about the advantages and how to choose motorcycle boots.


A good riding jacket is another integral part of your riding accessories. A jacket is made of either leather or synthetic abrasion resistant materials. Jackets are made for winter or summer. Most riding jackets will have protection for the back, shoulders and elbows. Touring jackets will also have a number of pockets with easy access to make life on the bike simpler!


Gloves are available in a number of varieties. You can get them in leather, synthetic materials, waterproof, long cuff, short cuff, winter, summer etc. Gloves are often pre-curved, so that it fits more ergonomically on your hand. It is important to wear proper sized and fitting gloves, because you fully control your motorcycle with your hands. Ill fitting gloves can make operating your bike cumbersome.

Riding gloves generally provide protection on the knuckles and palm.


Another important part of your motorcycle riding gear wardrobe are pants. This covers half your body! Riding pants are similar to jackets. Often you can buy matching sets. This way, you are safe and look smart as well!

Riding pants are available in leather and synthetic abrasion resistant materials. You can get them with extra ventilation for summer or with thermal panels for winter. These pants have reinforced protection on the hip, thigh and knee areas.


All The Gear All The Time (ATGATT) is an often repeated phrase among seasoned motorcyclists. It implies that you should always wear your riding gear, no matter how small a ride you might be heading out for.

Importance of riding gears for bike rides
You can have a lot more fun on your motorcycle if you are properly geared up!

Realistically it might not always be possible to go ATGATT, but one should strive to wear as much gear as possible. As another motorcycling phrase goes, ‘dress for the crash, not for the ride’.

Bike riding gears appear to be expensive monetarily when looked in isolation. But it is significantly cheaper than your valuable life…

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