How To Choose Between Short and Long Biker Boots?

How to choose between short and long biker boots? Should you go for ankle high or shin length boots? Let’s find out!

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When buying a pair of motorcycling boots, we are often faced with the question of buying short boots or long boots. Different boot lengths are suitable for different styles of riding. It is important to know what is your style.

If you are looking for biker boots in India, you will find a number of options. While having more options to choose from is great, it also leaves the buyer confused. For those wondering how to choose your riding boots in general, here’s our helpful article.

This article deals with a specific question we often get from our buyers. Whether they should go for the ankle covering Orazo Picus or the shin length Orazo Ibis. No two people have the same requirement, which is why there is no generalised answer. Which is also why we sell both varieties of biker boots in India.

How to choose between short and long biker boots
Orazo has the Ibis and Picus for you to choose

Choose Between Short and Long Biker Boots

The points below will help you figure out your own requirements, intended usage and thus choose between short boots or long biker boots.

For some of you, the Picus might be more suitable, for others the Ibis. Read on to know more…

Advantages of Short Biker Boots

We start with the advantages of short boots. These are more suitable for people looking for a pair for all-round usage, rather than for touring specifically.

Short Biker Boots
The Orazo Picus is an excellent choice for all-round usage

Can be Worn for Everyday use

If you are looking for a pair of motorcycling boots to be used on a near daily basis, then short boots make so much more sense. These are abundantly more practical and usable on a day-to-day basis.

Sufficient Protection for Commuting

If you are planning to buy boots for commuting, then short boots are the way to go. While commuting your speed is relatively lower, so absolute protection is not fundamental. That being said, short boots provide decent protection to your foot and ankle, only shin protection is missing in this case.

Visually Appropriate in Office!

These boots blend in far more easily with your work attire. You do not have a lot of shin protection bulging against your pants, making people ask you a bunch of questions about your legs!

More Comfortable to Walk

Short boots by their very design are easier to walk in. Full length boots give some amount of resistance against your shin as you walk around. If your walking is minimal, then it won’t matter much. But if you spend a lot of time on your feet, then the extra comfort of short boots will be greatly appreciated.

Fits Comfortably for Riders with Oversized Calf Muscles

Different people have different body construction. Some of you might have big bulging calf muscles. You will not only have difficulty finding pants that fit properly, but also will have trouble with full length boots. The portion of the boot around the calf muscle might either be too tight to fit, or too restrictive for blood to flow easily.

If you have that issue, then choosing short length boots will solve the problem in one quick shot.


Since there is less material being used in a short boot, it automatically weighs less that a long boot. Lighter is generally better, which will be most pronounced when you are walking.

Easier to wear and remove

If you are going to be using your boots in an environment, where you need to take off and wear your footwear frequently, then short boots might be the preferred option.

That being said, with the Velcro fastening mechanism of Orazo Ibis boots, even these shin high boots are easy to wear and remove.

Advantages of Long Biker Boots

Long boots are preferred by riders who are planning to spend long hours in the saddle, with minimal intention of other usage. If you are one such user, then choosing long biker boots is the way to go for you.

Long Biker Boots offer more protection
Long biker boots are a better choice for people who plan to spend many hours in the saddle at highway speeds

Maximum protection

The biggest and most important advantage of long boots is that it affords overall more protection than a short boot.

A long biker boot secures everything that a short boot does, and it also protects your shin in the event of a crash. When touring at highway speeds for prolonged periods of time, then you are better off choosing full length boots.

The added protection is well worth the additional cost.

Better for touring, racing, off-road riding

If you are going to be racing or doing serious off-road riding, then there is no alternative to long biker boots. In those very specific activities, safety is paramount and outweighs most other considerations.

When touring, you can still choose between short and long boots. But if your primary usage is going to be touring, then investing in a pair of full-length boots is better in the long run.

In constant rain, water is less likely to creep in from the top, as it will be covered by the pants.

When we go touring, we are often faced with constant and continuous rain. Even if your boots are waterproof, there is a possibility of water to enter from the top. When seated on the saddle, your riding pants tend to move up a bit, exposing the top of your ankle length boots. Which isn’t much of an issue in light showers, but can be a problem in heavy rain.

Long biker boots, have their opening much higher up on your leg. As such, the opening will almost always be covered by your riding pants. This reduces the risk of water seeping in from the top to almost zero. Keeping your feet dry in your multi-day monsoon tour!

What to Choose? Short or Long Biker Boots?

Choosing between short and long biker boots eventually comes down to personal choices. What is your priority when riding will help you decide the perfect boot for you, when buying biker boots in India.

If this is the first time you are going to be purchasing motorcycle riding boots? Then we suggest going for short boots. It will be easier to get habituated to, as well as being more versatile.

On the other hand, if you know that you will be using these boots specifically for long motorcycle rides, then you can opt for long boots.

Either way, Orazo has you covered with the Ibis and Picus motorcycle riding boot models…

Orazo Ibis long biker boots
The Orazo Ibis is an excellent choice for tourers

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